"“What I needed with all my starved and silent soul was just that particular way of shouting back at the world.”
― Iris Murdoch, The Sea, the Sea"
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i’m living as a boi, megan and i are mutually in love, i stopped doing drugs and smoking cigarettes, not suicidal anymore, realized anti-depressants can help, became muslim, became an adult, became happy.

2 everyone that stuck around.. i love you. 2 any new followers.. you’re cool too! :)


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my mom called crisis. im gonna be away for a little while. love you guys.


Partial Inelegant Proof of Unstable Recursion, 2013
f(n) = f(n+1+1) + f(n+1+1)+1 + f(n+1+1)+1+1 + f(n+1+1)+1+1+1, where n = tennis ball

the suicide hotline is a fucking joke. they don’t even help. i dont think i’ll call them again.


do not support your friends who turn out to be rapists.
do not doubt your friends who have been raped.

unfriend the rapists.
protect the abused.

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Yohji Yamamoto // Fall ‘13 RTW

Taken from Brutus, photographed by Kishin Shinoyama.